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Exercise now and live your Retirement Years pain free

Everyone knows health care costs are on the rise so what is a person supposed to do who is on a fixed income, get busy-thats right get busy. This is no time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself or hoping for the magic fairy to bring you the money tree, nope it just isnt going to happen, if you want to be around the next 50 years listen up.

Unfortunately across the United States, where the majority of these people have food supplies in abundance and their lifestyles are sedentary, excessive weight gain has reached epidemic proportions, with more than 1.5 billion adults being either overweight or obese. Being overweight typically means that the body has more fat than is optimally healthy where as to be obese is when a persons weight is more than 20 percent above the normal weight, and to be morbid obese means that a person is either 50-100 percent over the normal weight, or is sufficiently overweight to severely interfere with health or normal day to day functions.

We all know stress can have major effects on our health both physical and psychological, slowing down our performance and efficiency. Sadness, depression, anxiety, anger and frustration are all results of too much stress. But not all stress is induced by a situation, in fact, according to Lucinda Sykes, a Toronto physician; Sometimes were having a stress response to situations that is actually more the result of our habits of perception and attitude rather than the circumstances themselves.

There is a fountain of youth for seniors and many are signing up- it is called being active. If you didnt like exercising in your young adult life then probably not much has changed in your senior years, however, if you can find a program that interests you, creating a healthy habit of staying fit might be easier than you think. There are many recreation facilities run by communities nation wide, who offer classes for seniors. A senior center might also have an activity night, and if you are looking for inexpensive than look no further than your feet- get up and go walking.

Endurance activities such as that of walking, swimming, or riding a bike, improve your circulatory system by strengthening your heart and other muscles in your body. If you enjoy muscle building, lifting light weights and doing resistance exercising such as push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks, yoga, and or Pilates will build muscle tissue and reduce age-related muscle loss, not to mention keeping the body limber and flexible, which will reduce the chances of a fall.

Everyone is different and it might not be as easy to know if you are on the verge of a stress breakdown especially if you have dealt with stress for a very long time, your body may in fact have shut down to the symptoms. Ask yourself a few of these questions and if you say yes to at least three, then you my friend are what we call stressed out.

Exercise is said to be meditation in motion- you will find that if you fully concentrate only on your bodies movements and the skill you are looking to master you can shed your daily tensions through these movements of physical activity which improves not only your body, but your mind as well.

All of us have difficult episodes in our life where stress envelopes us, however most people learn to move through it and move on, if you are struggling in any of the areas mentioned in the questions above then it might be time for you to step into meditation.

Like so many of us, we live a healthy, active lifestyle in our youth and then give in to a desk job, and or more sedentary lifestyle where we move less, gain weight, lose our energy levels and any desire to get back out there getting our bodies in motion. However it does not have to be this way any longer, right now you have a choice, a choice to get active or stay sedentary, what are you going to choose?

Like people, exercise has many differences and will have a more positive effect for some people more than others, nonetheless, any kind of exercise is both beneficial to the physical body as well as the mental strength of an individual so put away those excuses and get moving.

Retirement is just around the corner, everyone should have a strategy; with Social Service Coordinators, the leading health care advocates in the nation. They will provide you with an excellent network of quality health care professionals for planning your healthy future.

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